This year

2023 ________________________________________

  • [CONFERENCE] Joint conference: Talking Across the World & Business and professional communication in a changing world – Presentation Title: Exploring the Integration of ChatGPT in the Classroom: Enhancing Teaching and Learning for Korean Students
  • [PAPER] McLain, R. (2023). Game makers PBL: A playful way to enhance presentation practice. In: D. J. Whalen and C. Drehmer (Section Eds.), My favorite assignment: Selections from the ABC 2022 annual international conference, Tampa, Florida: A sunrise of classroom-tested pedagogy. Business and Professional Communication Quarterly, 86(2),
  • [CONFERENCE] Upcoming  ICSB 2023
  • [CONFERENCE] Upcoming  The Association for Business Communication’s 85th Annual International Conference – Oct 2023

List of published papers and conferences.

2022 ________________________________________

  • [CONFERENCE] The Association for Business Communication’s 87th Annual International Conference – Oct 2022
    • Presentation 1: Game Makers – A Playful Way to Enhance Presentation Practice
    • Presentation 2: Theorizing Eight Enablers (8Es) of Youth (Early-Stage) Entrepreneurship
  • [PAPER] McLain, R. (2022). Facilitation festival: A semester-Long online/offline interpersonal business communication project. In D. J. Whalen (Ed.), Business and Professional Communication Quarterly: Selections from the ABC 2021 annual conference, placing another log on ABC’s my favorite assignment’s cool fire (pp. 230-231).
  • [CONFERENCE] 2022 ICSB World Congress – Presentation Title: Theorizing Eight Enablers (8Es) of Youth (Early-Stage) Entrepreneurship
  • [CONFERENCE] The 12th Korean Studies Association of Australasia 2021 Biennial Conference – Presentation Title: Riding the Wave of Hallyu with K-dramas: From Winter Sonata to Dae Jang Geum to Squid Game

2021 ________________________________________

  • [CONFERENCE] The Association for Business Communication’s 86th Annual International Conference – Oct 2021
    • Presentation 1: Using Technology to Enhance Business Communication Pedagogy
    • Presentation 2: Facilitation Festival – A Semester-Long Online/Offline Interpersonal Business Communication Project
    • Presentation 3: Virtual Classroom Innovation in Engagement: New Normal in Teaching Business Communication in the Asian Pacific Region
  • [CONFERENCE] – Presentation Title Why is Youth Entrepreneurial Activity Lacking in Korea?
  • [PAPER] – Choi, T., & McLain, R. (2021). Building communication awareness for the next generation: Reviewing the factors inhibiting youth entrepreneurial activity in Korea. Business Communication Research and Practice, 4(2), 71–81.
  • [PAPER] – Choi, J., Kim, C., Ko, Y., Im, H., Moon, Y.-J., & McLain, R. (2021). Design and implementation of the prevention system for side effects of polypharmacy components utilizing data queuing algorithm. Journal of The Korea Society of Computer and Information, 26(11), 217-225.
  • [PAPER] – McLain, R. (2021). Remote video interview activity using Flipgrid. In D. J. Whalen (Ed.), Business and Professional Communication Quarterly: Selections From the ABC 2020 Annual Conference, Online: Business Dress and Pajama Bottoms—My Favorite Assignment Goes Online. 7-8, 84(2).

2020 ________________________________________

  • [CONFERENCE] The Association for Business Communication’s 85th Annual International Conference – Oct 2020
    • Presentation 1: Regular Session: Using Standard Technology Tools to Facilitate Class Communication and Remote Work, Lessons Learned From the Implementation Use of Slack and Zoom in Two Remote Business Communication Courses.
    • Presentation 2:  Round Table: Remote Interview Activity Using Flipgrid

2019 ________________________________________

  • [PAPER] – McLain, T. R. (2019). Active Learning for Business Communication Competencies: Modifying Teaching Practices and Pedagogies in Higher Education. Business Communication Research and Practice, 2(2), 96-99. doi:10.22682/bcrp.2019.2.2.96
  • [CONFERENCE] – “The 2019 Joint International Conference: KATE, GETA, PKETA, MEESO, KASEE, KAMALL, & KEES” Seoul South Korea, July 2019] – Presentation Title: Let Learning Bloom: Self-assessing Lesson Plans for Student Goals and Creative Use of Material Conference Program Link
  • [PAPER] – McLain, TR (2019): Social Media Treasure Hunt -Practical Lessons using Twitter in the English ClassroomTeaching English with Technology, 19(2), 88-100. Retrieved from 

2018 ________________________________________

2017 ________________________________________

2014 ________________________________________

2012 ________________________________________

  • [PRESENTATION] “English Resume and Cover Letter Workshop” – Speaker/Lecturer at the Job Fair For Foreign-Invested Companies 2012 at the CoEx Center in Seoul October 25 and 26 2012
  • [PRESENTATION] “Using Technology In the Icheon Classroom” Presentation/Training to Teachers in Gyeonggi, Icheon, South Korea, about engaging students through the use of innovative technology in the classroom. Presentation and lecture on June 5th, 2012

2004 ________________________________________

  • [CONFERENCE] “Across Modern Celtic Cultures: The Intercultural Dynamics Between English Speaking Communities.” : Paper/Panelist: NCA Convention November 2004

2002 ________________________________________

  • [CONFERENCE] “Approaching Value-Centered Education Through the Eyes of an Electronic Generation: Strategies for Distance Learning.”: Panelist/Presenter: NCA Convention 2002 New Orleans: Thursday, November 21, 2002: Section “Issues in Religious Communication Pedagogy” NOTE: I was selected at the last minute as a presenter – unfortunately, my name is not on the paper or program.